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Graphite Crucibles "MOREX"


MOREX is TYK's brand name for crucibles.

Since its introduction as the first carbon-bonded crucible in 1954,

it has dominated the market in Japan.



- Homogeneous structure, no inner defect and strong material make it resistant to cracking.
- Low porosity and dense structure improves its resistance to erosion, oxidation and flux.
- High thermal conductivity shortens melting time.
- Glazing on the surface reduces oxidation wear.



- Aluminum alloy (melting, retention and refining)
- Copper alloy (melting, refining and continuous casting)
- Zinc alloy (melting, retention and distillation retort)
- Induction furnaces (high frequency and low frequency)
- Miscellaneous (melting of glass, chemical or precious metal and a muffle furnace in which pottery can be fired without being exposed to direct flam, quenching,etc.)

Image: Graphite Crucible